Specialists.  Navigating Change.

Welcome to Clinical Data Analysts.

Clinical Data Analysts (CDA) is a team of highly skilled consultants dedicated to helping our clients successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of medical regulations and reimbursement.

Our Commitment.

We are committed to providing excellence in medical billing, coding and compliance.  Our team of professionals work with the specialties of Emergency and Hospitalist Medicine, providing each client with tailored services designed to safeguard and optimize profitability.

Our highly experienced team members have worked with clients ranging from small rural hospitals to 500+ bed hospitals across the country.  We understand that if your documentation is not up to par you will not only lose money, but you also run the risk of third party auditing.  Having specialists who can identify coding strengths and weaknesses is imperative not just for increasing group revenue, but for maintaining compliance.

Specialists. Navigating Change.
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